Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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Recurrent (perseveration)
Involuntary repetition of a previous response to a subsequent stimulus

Reduplicative phenomena
(or reduplicative paramnesia) Delusions that places or locations have been duplicated (form of delusional misidentification)

see ideas of reference

Entering items for recall into short term memory (ability to immediately recall items)

REM behavior disorder
Failure of muscle paralysis in REM sleep resulting in acting out dreams or violent behavior

Response latency
Long pause before initiating speech or response to question

Retrieval deficit
Inability to spontaneously recall information with intact ability to recognize the information (e.g. in a list)

Retrograde (amnesia)
Loss of memory for events prior to the cause of amnesia

Tendency to fall backward due to impaired postural reflexes

Rinne (test)
Detection of conduction hearing loss by comparing sound perception when vibrating tuning fork is placed on mastoid process vs next to ear

Series of sytematic compulsive behaviors

Restless leg syndrome (Ekbom's syndrome)

Self-stimulatory behavior of repeatedly bringing up & swallowing gastric contents